Success Stories

Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions focuses solely on the agriculture sector by designing and building custom processing equipment to better improve your production and aid in your business’ bottom line.  Hamill secured $30,000 in Seed Funding from Bioenterprise to offset the costs of designing the micro greens line for greenhouse growers. 


“We hired Nadine to help us with a $30,000 Seed Funding application. We described the project to her and she wrote the application and followed up on it’s status for us. We received the funding, Nadine did the follow up paperwork and everyone was very happy from our end and the Government. I would hire Nadine again in a heartbeat to help us with future funding”.

Bob Benner President, Hamill Machine Company Inc.

Bioenterprise Seed Funding provides matching funds (up to $30,000) non-repayable funding to agricultural and agri-food companies as well as sustainable and environmental technologies to invest in innovation to grow business and attract private investment.  This program is currently not accepting applications, but stay posted to when the next funding round is announced.

David D’Angelo, Mentor-in-Residence, Spark Niagara, and founder of Trivium Industries introduced me to Robert Achal, Co-Founder of Niagara Essential Oil Blends (neob) which is where the idea to create a Niagara-based bottled lavender water was born.  David, founder of Trivium Industries produced upscale plastic bottles and invested in developing bio-degradable plastic containers at Biolinc (Brock University) for the food and cosmetic sectors.  Neob was working with Niagara College on developing a sparkling version of lavender water.  Of course, financing the first run of any new product at a scale that is economical to a relatively unknown market is challenging.  I was able to convince the Niagara Region, Brock University, and Niagara College to contribute to the start-up costs in exchange for Niagara Lavender water whose labels incorporated their logos to use for marketing at conferences, seminars, and events


“The launch of the Lavender Flavoured Water, a partnership between two local entrepreneurs, would not have been possible without Nadine Taft’s creativity and assistance.  As budgets were limited, Nadine was able to obtain sponsorship from the Niagara Region, Brock University, and Niagara College to finance the first production of the bottled water as the three organizations received Lavender Flavoured Water for this sponsorship to use for marketing at seminars, conferences, and events.  This flavoured water continues to be a first and is still sold in retail outlets.“

David D’Angelo-C.E.O, & Founder – Trivium Industries