So, you want access to government funding……….

Many companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations are looking to access “free” government money and the best piece of advice that I can give is that there is no “free” money.  Federal, provincial, and municipal governments (and the agencies they fund) have their own priorities and the resources are limited, which is why approaching a professional consultant can be the first step in securing the proper funding to suit your business needs.  I will honestly assess whether you qualify for, and if it is advantageous for, your company to seek government funding before wasting precious time, money, and resources. Remember, your time is also your money.  There is never any guarantee that an application will be accepted, but I will help you decide what funding you require and how to apply.  I have worked for many years with those bureaucrats who administer funding and have knowledge of existing programs, expectations for specific funding, and how the application process works.  This can greatly increase the odds of your application being accepted. Some key points to be aware of when applying for government funding are: 

·       Grant and loan funding will always require your financial commitment to the project or job. 

·       At best, the government will fund up to 50% (but normally at a much lower rate) and many programs only reimburse for money already spent on approved projects. 

·         If you secure any public funding, you will be held accountable (with reporting requirements) for timelines, expenditures, and deliverables.  Be realistic and honest in your applications as any successful application is based on the information you provide. 

·         Applying for and receiving government funding is time consuming and requires a commitment of resources (time and/or money) to the process. 


“There is money out there for certain ideas and initiatives, so when you are in the planning stage, it is important to be aware of what is currently available.  Also remember that the creation of new jobs is regularly a requirement to apply for funding.  Do not leave money on the table that can help offset your investment.”  Professionals like NLTaft Consulting are here to help budding companies and entrepreneurs grow by weaving our way through the sometimes complex and time-consuming process of securing funding for you.”  

Good luck and please do not hesitate to contact me directly if I can be of any assistance.